About Us

Up until 2013 I had spent over 15 years in the retail world. From associate, to visuals, and up to management. Suddenly my husband got transferred to Florida while I was 6 months pregnant at the time. We didn’t know a soul here so we thought it best for me to stay home…especially since retail doesn’t exactly allow for much family time on weekends and holiday’s. Fast forward a couple years and baby number two comes along. As much as I loved being a stay at home mom, I so missed the retail world. Making women feel amazing through clothing has always been my passion and I just felt this tug in my heart that I needed to be doing that as well. I began my journey as a rep with a direct sales company and for over two years I built the most amazing community of women. Not only was I getting to be home with my babies, but I was fulfilling my passion and a dream of owning my own boutique. Fast forward to today…I have since left the direct sales world and found my niche in the independent boutique world all while not missing a moment with my kiddos. Thus, I bring you Jade Butterfly Boutique! I hope I have the chance to make you feel like you can concur anything and look fabulous while doing it!
XOXO, Ashlie